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The Parents Leave the Nest

Handsome Hubby and I went to a wedding in Little Rock this weekend - our first overnight trip away from Darling Daughter.

I shed some tears leading up to the day of departure, but did extremely well on the trip.

My mother came to stay with DD, so I knew she was in good hands. She even sent me pictures on my cell phone to help ease the mommy-away-from-home pain and to let me know how things were going back at home.

Bye-bye, Mommy and Daddy!

They went to visit Cousin Aidan.

DD ate dinner.

She played with Aunt Allison.

She even called to say Good morning the next day.

Meanwhile, in the Natural State, HH and I where cutting a rug at the reception at the Little Rock Peabody with Tootsie and Pop. It's been six years since we had dance lessons for our own wedding reception, but we've still got it! : )

Although I was sad to leave my little one for the first time, I really enjoyed myself. And, I really enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning.  

And, Mimi an DD had fun, too! In fact, they had so much fun that DD didn't even want to come to me when we got back home. Can you believe I got the cold shoulder from a 7-month-old?

Once she decided to forgive me for leaving her we went out to eat and then took Mimi to Sheffield's Antique Mall in Collierville. If you like to rummage through antiques you should check it out - it's awesome!

I picked up a few things with some b-day money {thanks Mom, Rich and Granny!} while we were there.

Some cool, retro lamps for the master bedroom...

And a silver garden stool for the living room...

And, I've still got my eye on a "French Quarter Ghost Mirror." It's a good thing that I don't believe a mirror could be haunted, because it is perfect for our guest bathroom!

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