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Memorial Day and the Zoo

Ahhh...Memorial Day.

Sweet non-work day I've been longing for.

It was a glorious day of furniture moving {yes, I enjoy this}, eating, zooing, and yard working.

I decided to re-arrange all of the furniture in my house {okay, not all of it, but a lot of it}. This is my low-cost version of a home makeover. I do this often with small things...a picture frame, a plant, a decorative item here or there. But this time major furniture was moved. We're still working on it {I love you Handsome Hubby-wubby}. I'll post pics of our amature interior decorating skills soon.

We spent Memorial Day afternoon at the Memphis Zoo with my sister and her family, and my brother and his girlfriend. We saw part of the seal show and the rest of the Northwest Passage, the animals of Teton Trek, elephants, some monkeys, a hippo and the animals of China. But the highlight, for DD at least, was her first taste of ice cream. She loves it, like her mommy. Cousin Aidan was not a fan. He preferred to drink water, like his mommy.

Zoo membership, check. Comfy stroller, check. Hula Monkey, check.
This. Is. Serious.

The whole crew at Teton Trek.

Hmmm. What if we had our own exhibits...

Jeff and Emily. They're dating and hold hands when they walk together. Aww.

The Becksforts. They are tall and dress their offspring in cute, crawfish-embroidered shorts.

The Cannon's. They wear flip flops and huddle in trees.

The ice cream experience...

After the Zoo, we went home to work in the yard. Then, Handsome Hubby decided to make a new food treat he found in one of his cookbooks.

Radishes with anchovy butter.

Yes, you read that correctly. After a taste test we came to the conclusion that it would be best for Jack to finish off this dish and that radishes are best served sans anchovy butter, but now {thankfully} we can stop wondering about that unusual recipe. HH also grilled up some yummy chicken - the Frat Boy's Special, as he likes to call it. I can post the marinade, which HH created himself, if anyone is interested. It's very good.

It was a fabulous little non-work day, anchovy butter and all.

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