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Five Things Friday

  1. So, I spotted a celebrity when picking Handsome Hubby up at the Memphis airport earlier this week. No, it wasn't Elvis {although I have spotted him there in the past}. It was Marlo Thomas. She walked right past me and strait over to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital advertisement for a photo op, so naturally, I followed her. Mrs. Thomas is the National Outreach Director for the Hospital, and has helped the charity raise millions in order to fund childhood cancer research. On behalf of mommies everywhere, thank you for your hard work, Marlo Thomas! 
  2. I've started blogging at work now, too. If you didn't already know, I work full-time at ODEN, a marketing communications firm. But, I'll tell you more about that another day. I really just wanted to let you know that I have another blog, and that ODEN recently won a National Silver ADDY in campaign photography for the Accent Opaque Serious Designer Faceoff {The project was for International Paper.} I thought it would be fun to share these intense images. And, I'd like to note the "models" all happen to be ODEN employees. How cool is that?
  3. I am on vacation today. {YAY!} I cleaned out my closet {finally} and took DD to swim with the J-Frat's. DD and Nate are such cute little fishies!
  4. Tim Keller came to speak at our church tonight and it was AWESOME! He spoke about Philippians 4 and peace. He also talked about the difference between "religiosity" and knowing the gospel. So many people in our culture think that because they are churched they are "Christians." But, they don't really know the gospel and, sadly, they don't really know the Lord. Only when you have a genuine loving relationship with Christ, will you ever be able to experience the peace that passes understanding. And, knowing and believing the gospel is critical in nurturing that relationship. Dr. Keller also reminded me of the story of Horatio Spafford. After a series of tragic events, Spafford wrote one of my favorite hymns, It is well with my soul. His response to tragedy as reflected in these lyrics is a perfect picture of peace.
  5. On another note, HH and I have a date night this weekend...dinner and Chicago at the Orpheum! Can't wait!

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