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Five Things Friday

  1. Darling Daughter is still crawling backwards. We're going on about a month of this now. Last night she backed herself up under one of her toys and got stuck. I thought, "What a great learning opportunity! Maybe she'll have to learn to move forward to get out of this predicament." No dice. She does, however, love to stand and pull herself up. So, maybe she'll just start walking and skip this crawling forward business all together.
  2. Did you know that the city of Memphis is mentioned in 969 songs? Random fact, I know. But, it's true! The Rock'n'Soul Museum keeps a running talley.
  3. I'm leaning toward the PB bedding - in case you were wondering. Because I think it's best to buy bedding on sale when one likes to change their decor as frequently as I do, and because the Bella Notte bedding is beginning to remind me of something that might be found in Mrs. Havisham's decaying mansion in Great Expectations. Does it have that effect on anyone else? 
  4. My sweet work friend lets her Totsy color on the walls. Before you judge, let me explain. My friend is an extremely talented artist, herself. So, as not to stifle her daughters own creativity, she has selected a designated wall that Tot is allowed to color on. At first I shuttered at the thought, but as the idea began to marinate, I thought, "She might be on to something here." If you are planning to paint a room, why not let your kids color on the walls before you paint it? You could even make it a family affair! What a great memory for the kiddos and what a great stress reliever for adults? Who knows, you may even find a section of the wall worth preserving as a piece of art...I seem to remember seeing something similar at the Biltmore. Just sayin'.
  5. Happy burf-day, brother-in-law. I hope you eat lots of cake and, what the heck, color on the walls...and make this your facebook profile picture. Please.

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