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Five Things Friday

  1. Today was my last Friday to work from home. I will miss working from my kitchen table while Darling Daughter smiles up at me from her activity jumper. {tear}
  2. Jack did not run away today. That makes this the first Friday in a month that he has stayed in his own backyard. Having chained him to a tree probably helps, but still...
  3. I still have Easter eggs hanging from my kitchen chandelier. DD sits right on top of our kitchen table in her Bumbo seat, like the pretty little center piece to our family dinner that she is, and just loves to look at those eggs. I'll put them up one day, but they're too much fun right now.
  4. Mimi and Poppa are coming to town {yay} and they're bringing an armoire for the future playroom upsatirs. I love hand-me-downs. Especially when nice furniture is involved. Now, I just need to clean out that upstairs room so the transformation can begin. At the moment, it sort of looks like an episode of hoarders up there - right, Harrison's?
  5. My big little brother was born 22 years ago today. He is my big little brother because he is much younger than me {9 years}, yet much, much taller {he's about 6'5"}. Happy Birthday, Jeff!

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