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Darling Daughter Hosts a Dinner Party

Well, sort of.

I invited some of our dear friends and their precious children to our house for dinner last night. It was so much fun to get to enjoy the company of our friends, their children and some good food, too.

Handsome Hubby made a wonderful new dish featuring haricots verts {fancy speak for "green beans"}, asparagus, fingerling potatoes and fennel. While I could go on and on describing HH's dish, my dish can best be described in two words. Pecan. Chicken. As you can see, HH likes to dive into the deep end while I tend to paddle around in the kiddie pool of cooking. But, we make a good team. : )

I'd like for my friends that don't have children yet to be assured that life, dinner parties and all, does go on after children. In fact, the little boogers just seem to make everything a bit more fun.

So much fun that, from the looks of my pictures, you'd think the dinner party was just for them.

Darling Daughter - the hostess with the mostest.

Henry - he has got to get the recipe for these things.

 The Harrison Twins, Evie and Ramsey - they have such nice manners.

Samuel - he was just fine hanging out in the den, thank you.

Here are a few more shots from the evening:

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