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Simple Fall Mantel

It's Fall!

I've got on a fleece and boots. I'm drinking a cup of coffee. And I've got pumpkins on our mantel.

Life is good. :)

Here's a look at our fall mantel this year.

Nothing fancy. I just happened to have a ton of terracotta pots and thought, I could use those!

The preserved topiaries are a regular mantel fixture.
I just added some festive orange ribbon...that I also happened to have.
The painting by Stan Street is also a regular fixture on our mantel...I love the fall colors in this painting.
And, as I mentioned, I already had the terracotta pots...

So all I had to buy were little pumpkins. {Which came from Kroger!}



I think it all came together to make a happy little fall mantel...and for under $10!


Happy October 1!

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