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Happy Halloween!

My favorite part of Halloween is all the pumpkins.

Pumpkin bread. Pumpkin scented candles. Pumpkin carving. All things pumpkin.

Here's a look at our pumpkins this year. Chris and I love them so much that we keep them out all fall.

And here's a look at our lil punkins...dressed and an owl and a cupcake for a night at Zoo Boo. 

Le Bonhuer Zoo Boo is a five night event of frighteningly good family fun. You dress up in costume {many adults even get in on the action} and go trick-or-treating at the various candy stations around the Zoo. 

There are activities for all ages, including a haunted hay ride and Dracula's Disco for the older kids. But there are also toddler-friendly activities that were a big hit with our crew.

Here's a look at our favorites from this year's Zoo Boo...

We enjoyed all the festive displays around the Zoo...

Including the art exhibits from local schools.

AC was really impressed with this costume...she somehow knew he was the Marshmallow Man. That impressed me, since we've never talked about him before.

The highlight for all of us was the camel ride...just $5...to ride a camel people! You've got to go do it! Very cool. AC is still talking about it. {I am just sick that these pics didn't turn out!}

Maggie's favorite was the free children's rides...the airplanes, carousel and boats.

The singing pumpkins were also a big hit.

And for the big finale...we got to meet and pet some creepy-crawly creatures...

Eeeeek!!!! {Thankfully they passed out hand sanitizer as we left the petting area...they thought of everything!} :)

Tonight we will be trick-or-treating as Sleeping Beauty and Minnie Mouse with some of our sweet friends. 

Hope you and your families have a safe and happy night full of candy and fun!

Happy Halloween!

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