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Five {Mimi City} Things Friday

Over the river and through the woods to Mimi's house we went!

The girls and I went to Union City {aka Mimi City} earlier this week to visit the fam while Chris was away on a work trip.

We did lots of fun things that I didn't get pictures of {like pioneer riding, trampoline jumping, hair coloring, and foot soaking}. That happens when I'm busy relaxing.

This Five Things Friday post is a quick recap of our visit to Mimi City.

1. We did a lot of swimming. By day two AC was a swiming star. We had to get her to take little breaks just to catch her breath!

2. AC and Mimi made cookies. And AC was sure to warn us that they could burn our mouths. You can never be too careful about these things. {She's such a little mamma.}

3. Maggie ate {and ate, and ate} with her little fork. And she was sure to share some with the dogs, too. They were best buds.

4. We went shopping in the new antique mall {fun} and my cousin Brittany's new store, Two Twenty Six {named for her daughter's birth date}. If you find yourself in Union City, you should go take a look! She has an adorable mix of unique gifts. {109 E. Lee Street Union City, TN}

5. And we picked blueberries off of Papa's bushes...and ate them right away. They always send us home with a bag of veggies and fruit. Yum!

And, just for fun, here is a conversation we had on the way there...

AC: I don't see the cows yet. Where are the cows?

Me: They live just down the road. We'll see them soon.

AC: Why are they cows?

Me: Well, because God made them cows.

AC: Why did God make them cows?

Me: So that we can eat meat and drink milk.

AC: Oh. What do cows eat?

Me: Grass.

AC: Why do they eat grass?

Me: They just do.

AC: Oh. And bugs?

Me: No, I don't think so.

AC: Why?

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