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Five {Girlfriend} Things Friday

1. I graduated from high school 15 years ago today.

Wow. A lot changes in 15 years.
{Me and my high school bf, Mary.}

{And here we are with Nan at UCHS homecoming
for our 10-year reunion. Love these girls.} 

But with girlfriends a lot stays the same, too. You know what I mean?

I'm thankful for that.

{And here's most of the gang at our 10-year reunion...great group of gals!}

2. I go WAY back with this girl. Yep, she's my first and oldest girlfriend, my little sister.

She knows all my strengths and all my weaknesses...and has always been nice enough to point out both. Ha! :)

We laugh. We cry. We speak in code.

There is something special about a sister's love.

3. Speaking of sisters...I love watching these girls grow, learn and play together. One of the sweetest sounds in the world is when they giggle with eachother.

They already have a sweet friendship that I pray continues to grow through their years.

4. It's also fun to see them begin to make friends of their own. I am so thankful that the Lord has already surrounded our girls with other little girls who's families have the same values and beliefs that we hold dear.

The friends you choose are so important!


5. God has also been gracious to bless me with many girlfriends throughout the years {many who are not pictured below because Maggie's diaper needs to be changed and I don't have time to dig through photos. Sorry! :)}. And he continues to bless me with new friendships.

I am so thankful for each of these special women {pictured or not}.

One faithful friend left a copy of The Valley of Vision in my mailbox as a belated mothers day gift yesterday. It's a collection of Puritan prayers and I already love it! {Thanks, Jen!}

Thank God for the blessing of girlfriends!

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