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Strawberries and Bear Hugs

We had fun picking strawberries at Cedar Hill Farm a couple of weekends ago with Dad, Bee, Hannah and Felicity while they were in Memphis.

Cedar Hill Farm has a playground, petting zoo, snack bar and other activities for the family to enjoy. It's a fun place to spend a Saturday, for sure. I'd love to go back this summer and check out the rest of their produce. {Check their schedule here.}

After we conquered the strawberries, we said hello to the animals in the petting zoo.

And, we enjoyed the strawberries when we got home that night. They are hands down the best strawberries I've ever have ever had. Seriously.

We also went to Build-A-Bear while the fam was in town. AC loved it!

As you can see, bear building is very serious business.

My favorite thing about the Build-A-Bear experience is that you have the option to record your child's voice and place the recording inside the bear. So, years from now, we can press Teddy Bear's foot and hear AC's sweet voice say, "I love you!" {Melt my heart!}

I also love the fact that she picked the girliest bear available. And, named it Teddy Bear.

Fun times! :)

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