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Easter Egg Hunt

The girls and some of their best friends from church hosted an Easter egg hunt at the Fratesi's home this past weekend.

Everyone gathered out front to blow bubbles before the hunt.

Then, Mr. Fratesi opened the gate and the hunt began!

It was fun to watch the little ones as they began to figure it all out.

Anne Catherine had been practicing at home and quickly gathered an overflowing basket full of eggs.

I told her to stop so that other children would have a chance to gather some eggs...and her Daddy told her not to stop and to gather as many as she could. A true competitor, just like her Daddy, she opted to keep going. Ha! Love that girl!

And while everyone else was gathering eggs, our little leaf-eater found herself some leaves to snack on. Love that girl, too! :)

Of course there were other, much yummier things available to snack on as well.

It was a fun afternoon.

Thank you, Fratesi family, for opening your lovely home!

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