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Five Things Friday

This week...

1. We had some fun play dates...

2. I organized my closet...it was scary in there...

Now I just need to clean the junk out of each of these bags...I found a gift card for a spa pedicure in one of them...and a half-eaten candy bar.
Can't wait to see what else I find!
 I used the TWO YEAR RULE. If I hadn't worn something in two years, out it went. But, there were exceptions because I was pregnant during most of that time. :)

3. I almost finished my home management binder...

The girls love organization!
{AC is a hand model in training! Ha!}
My tabs include:
To Dos
Meals {Meal Planning}
Contacts {Including a copy of our Christmas card addresses}
Chipper Chickie
Home Renovation
I got some great free printouts from life..your way.
4. I put my own spin on the Christmas card idea I posted about last week...

I didn't get to make it out of the house as much as I would have liked to this week, so I got resourceful. :)
I used some jute twine I had leftover from another project. It does the job. And it's kinda cute.

5. And, Anne Catherine started back to MDO.

She moved up to a 2-year-old class.
And she SLEPT ON A MAT!!

Why does that make me feel like she's about to go off to college any day now?

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