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Coffee, Candy and Coupons, Oh My!

This Halloween was crazy and fun.

{Crazy because I forgot everything...bag for candy, coats, my mind...and fun because, well, we love to dress up for free candy!}

To ensure that we had enough energy to last all night long, we started off the day with a little coffee.

OK, not really. 

I had coffee and AC had milk. In her "lillul coffee cup."

Let me back up for a sec...

We partied at church on Wednesday night...

 {"Printess Lella" can be a bit bossy}
{Maggadi Bee}

Then, on Monday night, we partied at the Harrison's and trick-or-treated with our friends.

{Printess Lella and Maggie Bell}

Jonathan was dressed as Beast {from Beauty and the Beast - AC's fav Disney princess movie of the moment}, but he soon took it off because it was scaring sweet Ramsey. AC asked about Beast all night. She even asked if she could "go poo-poo in Beast's potty." Ha! Sorry Beast. :)

AC loved trick-or-treating this year. She said "trick-or-treat" or "Happy Halloween" at each door. And if she was impressed with the candy selection, she would name all the colors available. Decisions, decisions.

We ended the night with a puppet show and dinner at Chick-fil-a, where Maggie Bell had her very first waffle fries. Yummy!!!

Now it's turkey time!!!
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