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Five Things Friday

1 - AC is obsessed with princesses. She only wants to use her princess cups {that she picked out}, wear her princess dress {pjs}, and princess panties, and dress-up jewelry. And just recently she's been wanting to "watch-the-princess" {watch princess movies}. This princess is her favorite to watch {seriously, I think we've watched it about 100 times}. But, no matter which princess movie we happen to be watching, she always thinks the prince is her daddy. And I hope she always does.

2 - These bathing beauties had a little sprinkler action this week. Well, Maggie didn't. She just watched. But I really wanted to see her in her swimsuit. :)

3 - I went to a meal party at my friend Anna's house last night. If you live in the Memphis area, you should check out her parties. I went home with eight yummy-sounding meals for $125. Yippee! It's so nice to have meals in the freezer just waiting to be popped in the oven!

4 - MDO went a little more smoothly yesterday. Maggie had a great day and AC did better, but she got put in time-out for pushing {PUSHING!}. Help me Rhonda.

5 - Please keep Chris's grandmother, Doris Woods, in your prayers. She had surgery to remove some masses from her colon this week. She is still in the hospital in recovery.

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