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Santa Came!

Santa came to our house on Christmas morning! He brought DD a kitchen with pots and pans...

and a table and chairs...and puzzles...

and PUPPIES!!!! Yes, two of them. {Don't worry, Santa thinks we can handle it.}

DD loved the puppies {Bess and Tucker}. She came around the corner on Christmas morning and as soon as she saw them she said "Ooooohhhhhh!" And she laughed. Until they ran to her and jumped up on her. She wasn't crazy about that.

After she was attacked by puppy kisses, she ran right over to her kitchen and started to cook. It was so fun to see that she already knew what to do with it.

She loves to stir the pot and make us taste it. We must do that a lot.

She got a shapes puzzle and she learned to say "circle." I know, my child is a genius. :) 

Then, she went over to the coffee table and helped herself to the last bite of cookie that Santa had left behind. No sense in wasting a perfectly good bite of oatmeal raisin cookie!

She dug each thing out of her stocking one at a time. Santa left her lots of goodies in there. Including a doll's baby bottle, which she was determined to drink herself, and a ton of fruit snacks that almost didn't make it past Christmas morning.

DD was able to open her own gifts this year. It was fun to see her get excited as she discovered what she was tearing into.

She said "baby" as soon as she pulled back the paper on this gift. This baby has her own ba-ba {pacifier} which DD tries to take for herself. It's so fun to watch her with a baby doll. She knows how to hold it and she will rock it and kiss it. But, when she's finished with it she body slams it to the ground. We'll have to work on being gentle with babies before Maggie gets here.

DD helped pick out some gifts for us this year, too. She helped me find her daddy some Wayfarers. {What a stud.}

And she just knew I would love these Hunter rain boots! :)

After presents we cooked a big Christmas breakfast of bacon, eggs, cheese grits, biscuits and gravy. HH and I got each other the 10-piece Le Creuset "Oprah Set" that she featured on her favorite things show. We opted to get a variety of colors so that we can keep adding to our collection and not have to worry about them discontinuing a color. We have used these pots and pans every day since Christmas and absolutely LOVE them!

I love them so much that I didn't even take a picture of our breakfast. Just the super cute, green frying pan. Melting a pad of butter.

I know. I'm a dork.

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