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Five Things Friday

  1. I love DD's babysitter, Laura {or "Wawa" as DD calls her}. First of all, and most importantly, she loves on and takes care of my sweet girl. For that alone I lover her dearly. But on top of that...she takes care of me, too! She had a freshly steeped cup of chai tea waiting on me this morning {decaf mind you - because I've cut out caffeine while pregnant}...AND she had made me a "mix"! So, on my 30 minute commute to work this morning I sipped the best chai tea I've ever had while listening to the awesome mix of soothing worship music she prepared for me - I drank and sang and prayed my way to work. It was an awesome way to start the day!!! Thanks Wawa!
  2. Once I got in my office I got an email that someone brought donuts for everyone this morning!!! Could this be the best morning ever?!
  3. Then, after a bit of work, my boss took me to Wangs for lunch! I ordered the sweet and sour chicken lunch special I have been craving all week. My fortune cookie said, "Your ability is appreciated." I needed that. Even if it did come from a fortune cookie. It {the fortune cookie} also taught me how to say "August" in Chinese. "ba yue"...in case you were wondering...
  4. I think I'm going to get to leave work early today. Yay! I'm ready to kiss some chubby cheeks!
  5. We have out of town company coming to stay with us this weekend. Can't wait to get the weekend started! Here's to a good one!

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