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Five Things Friday

Five reasons to celebrate...
  1. As of last night, my brother-in-law and his sweet girlfriend are officially engaged! Congrats Bram and Kellye! {And, nice job on the ring Bram! It's beautiful!!}
  2. DD turned 11 months old today! Here she is perfecting her cup skills during lunch today. One more month until we take the bottle away!
  3. Wall Street, Money Never Sleeps is finally in theaters! HH and I loved the first Wall Street. In fact, HH was Gordon Gekko for Halloween a few years ago. Sadly, this is the best picture I have of that. {Mr. Gekko is on the right and I'm Miss Alaska, on the left.}
  4. It's FALL...and that means it's time to put out some pumpkins and plant some mums! Yay! {I hope DD likes pumpkins better than she did last year.} :)
  5. It's National Punctuation Day! We had our very own Punctuation Haiku contest at work today and I won. {Well, there were actually several winners, so I'm not really that special.} But in honor of the holiday, here's my haiku:
Poor little comma.
Overused, misused, betrayed.
But, I think you’re cute.

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