a handsome hubby, two darling daughters, a pair of puppies

and other reasons I'm a Chipper Chickie...


Five Things Friday

  1. We had our first ultrasound for baby #2 today! We heard a sweet little heartbeat and found out that the official due date is April 16. :)
  2. We went to my cousin's wedding in MS this past weekend...
  3. DD's eating marshmallows in our family photo.
    Hangin' with the bride.
    The whole gang.
    Dancing cousins.
  4. And Granny and I stopped to pick cotton on the way home. I was sure we would get chiggers. Thankfully, all we got was some pretty cotton.
  5. DD likes to share her food lately. She will put it in her mouth and then take it out to offer it to you. {Mmmm. Tasty.}

  6. I love my little Chicken Nugget. A crown really brings out her cheeks, don't you think? 

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