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Five (DD) Things Friday

DD had her first chicken nugget happy meal this week. She LOVES chicken nuggets.

HH took her to exercise her right to vote yesterday. From the time she was born he's been trying to teach her about the three most important things in life: To love God, to love UT, and to vote Republican. :)

I wish you could see how she's sitting in the picture above. My sister calls it her "team picture" pose. You know, like they make you pose on picture day for youth sports. Like this:

But, HH insists she's working on her Tony Peña stance.

Either way you look at it, it's her favorite way to sit right now.  

In addition to perfecting her catching stance, she's also been busy pushing her toy stroller around the den.

DD officially has 4 1/2 teeth. And, a sweet little smile!

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Kristen {a little ditty} said...

Little DD is so cute!! Great pictures! And I have to agree, voting Republican is a very important thing :)