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Fall in Love with Fall

Fall is my absolute favorite season. Hands down.

I love football, tailgating, bonfires, pumpkins, the smell of the fall air...I could go on and on.

I also prefer fall fashion. I've been stalking the Internet trying to preview the new fall lines.

And, even though it was 101 degrees outside yesterday, I just can't wait to wear a jacket! And, boots!

Check out Heather's most recent post at Habitually Chic. It features some great shots from the new Hilfiger ad campaign.

We had a car like this when I was little. And, it was usually this full, too.
We called it the Family Truckster.

If you are as tired of hot, sticky weather as I am, these pictures will leave you dreaming of scarfs and hats and football season!

Bring on the fall!

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