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Five {Fashion} Things Friday

  1. Darling Daughter's baby dedication is coming up. This is her gown...I just picked it up during my lunch break. It's sooo sweet. Don't you think?
  2. There is not much that is cuter than a baby girl in a swim suit {DD went to the big girl pool today}.
  3. Speaking of swimsuits...Did swimsuit season sneak up on anyone besides me? Unfortunately I'm still very pale and, while I'm back in my pre-pregnancy clothes, I'm not quite ready to wear any of the bikinis in my drawer {yikes}. I'm thinking a tankini or maillot may be more my speed this summer. In pursuit of the perfect suit, I came across these:
  4. You'll never guess where you can get these little gems. Walmart. And, prices start at just $10! It seems they have already sold out of certain sizes. Hope I can score one before it's too late!
  5. Do I need a big, floppy sun hat to go with? or a fedora? Can I even pull off a fedora?
  6. $24 on Amazon.com

  7. Now, lets pause for a moment of silence and bask in the beauty of these Christian Louboutin's. That I will never own. Because they cost $875. And that's kinda crazy.
         But, they are perfect in every way.

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