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Dream a Little Dream

I'm in the process of an all out decorating binge.

During lunch today I've been dreaming of our new bedroom decor.

I blame it on the awesome white lamps I recently purchased, and the fact that I am the queen of changing my mind when it comes to decor.

Our room is a shade of gray-brown similar to this:

The perfect backdrop for the white lamps, and, I think, the perfect backdrop for the white bedding I have been dreaming about all week.

I'm also thinking about searching eBay for some turtle shells to hang above the bed like this:

Or maybe a starburst mirror like this:

Can't remember where I snagged this fab image.

I like the bedding in the image with the starburst mirror, too. And it looks like something I could find {on sale} at Pottery Barn.

What do you think...

Turtle shells or starburst mirror?

Luxe linens {distant future} or PB sale bedding {nearer future}?

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