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Dedication Day

This father's day Sunday, Handsome Hubby and I dedicated our sweet little one to the Lord.

We vowed to do everything within our power to raise her in a godly way - to teach and train her in God's Word, and to earnestly pray for her.
Then, hopefully, she will one day make a commitment on her own to follow God and ask Jesus into her heart.

Our little family.
DD with her great-grandmothers, whom she is named after.
Dorris {Catherine} Woods and Patsy {Ann} Roney.

The  fam. So thankful they were there to support our commitment.

DD in her gown.

One more shot in the gown, for good measure.

After the service, we had everyone over to our house for lunch.

The table.

Hydrangeas from our yard {and Tootsie's yard}.
I placed them in silver baby cups.

More hydrangeas in a julep cup.

HH grilled pork chops {in the 100 degree heat}. We all proceeded to eat until we were sick.

And, then I read the sweet blessings that everyone had written for DD. 

Here are some excerpts from one of them:

-I’ve just witnessed today for the first time you being able to crawl. It will be exciting to watch you walk and begin to talk. I look forward to watching you grow up and being a part of your life.
-I will be praying for you to be a little girl after God’s heart, acceptable in his site and pleasing to him.

I'm going to put these blessings in her baby book so she can read them for herself one day.

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