a handsome hubby, two darling daughters, a pair of puppies

and other reasons I'm a Chipper Chickie...



Happy 8 months, Darling Daughter!

You are doing so many amazing things now.

Like crawling, standing up, dancing, waving bye-bye, and saying "mama" and "bye-bye".

You like to read books with Mommy and Daddy.

You are sitting up in your crib, waiting on me when I come to get you up in the mornings.

You are learning the meaning of "no" and "don't touch".

{Well, we're still working on that.}

And, Juilliard called to offer you a ballet scholarship...

O-kay, not really.

But you do look like you are about bust into a pliĆ© in this picture.

And you look really cute in a tutu.

{Note to self: It is way past time to lower the crib.}

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