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A Nice Little Saturday

This past weekend, we went to the Memphis Farmers Market.

Darling Daughter rode in her umbrella stroller for the first time. {Notice those Michelin Man legs sticking strait out!}

Here's a shot of our loot.

We got a little carried away with all of the fresh finds...but, don't they make a pretty picture?

Then, we stopped for breakfast at a super-cute {and yummy} new place downtown called Cockadoos.

We had cat head biscuits, country ham, cheese grits and Mississippi Mud Coffee. It was gooood.

Next, we stopped at a downtown antique store that I've been admiring {from afar} for years.

It was fun to finally take a look at what's inside this old warehouse.

As a lover of old stuff, I could have spent hours in this place. I must go back sometime when I have spare hours to spend.

On our way home, we stopped at the mid-town farmers market. No luck there. They were closing up shop.

But, we did get to play in the misting tent. And on an oh-so-hot Memphis day, a misting tent = pure awesomeness.

That night, we met our friends Brock and Grace {aka Gigi} for some pretzels and pizza at the Mellow Mushroom. Brock is Handsome Hubby's best friend and old roommate. And, Gigi was DD's first babysitter when I went back to work after maternity leave.

And, to end the day perfectly, they came back to our house, bearing Starbucks treats. We put DD to bed and enjoyed our coffee with our friends in the living room.

We are such adults.

It was a nice little Saturday.

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