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Five Things Friday

  1. Darling Daughter is learning to drink from a cup {she's such a big girl}.
  2. We are going to the Memphis Farmer's Market this weekend. I can't wait to check out their selection of locally grown veggies. And, it's Flower Power week...this girl loves flowers. According to the MFM website, the Health Director at Woman's Day magazine says, "Combining the power of scent and colors that both relax and rejuvenate, flowers and plants are a fast and affordable pick-me-up."  And, in my opinion {not that I'm a women's health expert or anything}, flowers can even be better than Starbucks {and there are few things that are}. If you want the ultimate pick-me-up, buy fresh flowers while drinking a Starbucks coffee. That's how I plan to do it, anyway.
  3. People are ruining the "Keep Calm And Carry On" movement. It was a good motto. That is, until Target got a hold of it, got crafty with the wording, and turned it into an outdoor serving tray. I have since seen several variations...Keep Calm And Eat Bacon...Keep Calm And Love Dogs...Keep Calm And Grow Your Own Food...the possibilities are endless, really. Call me old fashioned, but I liked the original version best. Note to self: Search for a new motto.
  4. I need to clean out my closet this weekend. I've been putting it off for far too long. I'm trying to keep a positive attitude about it and am hoping to come across some treasures, like cute shirts that I've forgotten I have {that happen to still be in style}, or our mysteriously lost remote, or my missing silver earring. I guess there's only one way to know what I'll find...ugh.
  5. Pac-Man turned the big 3-0 today. Happy 30th Birthday, Pac-Man! And, thanks for the flash-back, Google.

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