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Super Granny

My 75 year old Granny has been driving to Memphis every week for 2 1/2 months to help us take care of Darling Daughter while we’re in transition between babysitters.

Let me tell you - it has been SUCH a treat!

Granny gets here in time for dinner on Monday night, takes care of AC all day Tuesday, cooks dinner for two families Tuesday night {mine and Allison's}, takes care of AC all day Wednesday, and then drives back to Union City after I get home from work on Wednesday night. Whew! And, in between all of that she finds time to do dishes, laundry and whatever else she thinks might help me out.

She is A - MAZ - ING.

In fact, she shall henceforth be referred to as Super Granny.

Super Granny can whip up a tasty dinner faster than a speeding bullet, her love is more powerful than a locomotive, and she's able to leap tall buildings in a single bound...well, maybe not so much with the leaping. But seriously, the woman is one tough cookie!

I hope to be like her when I grow up.

I would love nothing more than to be able to help my future granddaughter take care of my future great-granddaughter - and I hope I can pull it off with as much spunk as Super Granny did!

My personal favorite things about her stay with us:

  • Drinking morning coffee.
  • Saying good morning to Memphis {she did this every morning when she opened the kitchen drapes}.
  • Watching her love on my baby girl.
  • Keeping up with Dancing with the Stars.
  • Trying new recipes.
  • Hearing her pearls of wisdom {Super Granny is full to the brim with wonderful stories, helpful secrets and general knowledge that she's gathered over the years}.

There's nothing like spending a little QT with your good ole’ Granny.

Thank you, Super Granny, for all of your help. We love you and hope you come back to visit soon.

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