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I had ice cream for lunch today.

And I feel no guilt because I'm 7 months pregnant.

So there.

Just thought you'd like to know. :)

Oh, and here's a look at what I'm wearing these days.

I was in a LOT of pain last night, so I went for "comfy" today.
shirt: Motherhood - gift from Dad and B
pants: Target - gift from Mom
necklace: Banana - gift from HH
{it has a cute enamel elephant pendant}
gold hoops: gift from my bro
bangles: stocking gift from Santa

I'm really appreciating elastic pants at the moment, but I have a dream. A dream that I will one day wear non-elastic pants.

But...with the elastic pants goes the ice cream...so I'm happy to keep 'em for now. :)

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Paige said...

you are cute!!!!

Chipper Chickie said...

Thanks Paige! Love your blog!