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What I Wore Wednesday {@ 14.5 weeks}

So, here I am. 

Taking pictures of myself in the bathroom at work.

The bathroom that I've become all to familiar with these days.

The bathroom that I've been getting sick in over the past 8 weeks or so.

This morning I told her {the bathroom} that I'm ready to move on.

"It's not you," I told her. "It's me."

I hope she doesn't take it personally.

But enough about my relationship with my work bathroom...

Here's a look at what I wore today at 14.5 weeks pregnant.

sweater: The Limited {a couple of years ago}
undershirt: GAP {pre-logo change - what do you think of their new logo btw?}
pants: Loft {Christmas gift a few years back}
ps - my pants are officially unbuttoned

shoes: Nine West cowboy boots {old - I love them}

socks: crazy -
but no one can see them and I don't care
{I think I've had these socks since high school}

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Paige said...

Love those boots!